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RE: mvcx, what is it?

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      20-01-2007, 07:35 AM
Is there a file in your Windows directory called rtmxcf.exe? If so, you may
still be hacked. I have not been able to ascertain exactly what that file is
a part of, but it was reported related to the string mvcx at one point. If
that is the case, I'd question what geeksquad did for the $200.

Other people are far better at malware removal than I am, but here are some
sites that talk about how to do it:

Personally, I'd flatten and reinstall. After that I would make sure I don't
run as an admin any longer. That's how the malware gets installed in the
first place.

Your safest bet would be a complete clean reinstall.

"tony" wrote:

> At random, but what seems to be increasing intervals, my computer will spit
> out "mvcx;" into any available text space in an active window on the screen.
> the caps lock then turns on and it puts out "MVCX;" At this point the
> keyboard becomes useless. trying to click on internet explorer with the
> mouse will continuously open new tabs. when i touch any program icon it
> becomes selected, but if i try to touch another, it also becomes selected at
> the same time. for example, if i try to right click, instead of saying close,
> it will say "close group" as an option for all of them. what all this means,
> i havent a clue. i had Norton Antivirus before, but it didnt prevent this
> from happening, or come up with anything when i ran it (which i did regularly
> and i always took the antivirus updates as soon as possible). i had one of
> their technicians remote access my computer for $50 and he found nothing. i
> then gave up with them, went to best buy and had the geeksquad people dump
> everything and reinstall the operating system from scratch for $200. i
> immediately then went to McAfee and installed their best "total protection"
> package for $80 and still the problem persists. Again, McAfee shows no
> problems. What is going on? At this rate I'm thinking I'll just say to hell
> with it and buy a new computer if I have to

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saf124 saf124 is offline
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      07-02-2007, 02:57 AM
I am having exactly the same symptoms. At an apparently random time.
1 - mvcx; is printed to a text area.
2 - Caps Lock is turned on.
3 - The keyboard acts as if the CTRL, ALT, and or SHIFT keys are depressed.

I do not believe it is spyware related. Simply I don't see why spyware would create these symptoms and I have been safe enough to not get any spyware or virus for the past 3-4 years. With that said, I still looked for rtmxcf.exe as suggested by Jasper and it is not on my machine.

Since I don't know what is causing it I will just try to provide more details about my system to see if there are any patterns. I have a Toshiba M45-S355 that is about a year and a half old. I am running XP Pro. I was using a Logitech MX Duo cordless mouse and keyboard when it first occurred, but I had been using that system for over a year with out any problems. Currently I am using the laptop keyboard and a USB MS laptop mouse. The problem originally occurred in the middle of January.

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adamdavila1 adamdavila1 is offline
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      07-04-2007, 01:38 PM
I have been having this exact samt problem. Mine was working fine and then I had it sent to circuit city to get a screen replacement for a service plan. Now apparently my plan is fulfilled and they won't look at it again. I have a Toshiba M45 S265 windows home edition. Did you ever find out what it was?
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saf124 saf124 is offline
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Join Date: Feb 2007
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      11-04-2007, 04:21 PM
No not yet. It was the computer I work on so I had to go out and get a new one so that I could keep working. Meanwhile I completely formatted it and used the Toshiba CD to place the original image back on and I turned off Windows Updates to make sure no new updates or drivers were conflicting with the keyboard. I have passed it on to my wife and she has not seen the problem, but it has still occurred a couple of times for me. We don't use it nearly as much anymore. I don't want to, but I have to really start considering hardware failure.

I also got a version of Ubuntu that I could run directly from a CD. The issue never occurred while I was running Ubuntu, but I did not use it for long durations. Maybe an hour or two at the most.

So right now I still feel like it is not solved, but it has been functioning better. Best of luck. Please let me know if you find out anything.
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