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fisbinking 05-11-2013 02:39 AM

Help with "password expires" on windows home premium
Hello. I use my home windows 7 home premium desktop to connect to work. During a security scan, it reports that "password expires" is set to off. here are my current users and net account settings:
C:\Windows\system32>net accounts
Force user logoff how long after time expires?: Never
Minimum password age (days): 1
Maximum password age (days): 90
Minimum password length: 8
Length of password history maintained: 8
Lockout threshold: Never
Lockout duration (minutes): 30
Lockout observation window (minutes): 30
Computer role: WORKSTATION
The command completed successfully.

C:\Windows\system32>net users

User accounts for \\CHRISWORK

Administrator chris garro Guest
The command completed successfully.

I ran the following by right clicking on command window and selecting run as admin:
C:\Windows\system32>wmic path Win32_UserAccount WHERE Name='chris garro' set Pas
Description = Not found
Can someone please help me turn password expires to "on"
Thanks very much

fisbinking 06-11-2013 04:00 AM

Hello. I must have had a typo before. I entered the following using elevated command line and now password expires is turned on.
C:\Windows\system32>wmic path Win32_UserAccount where Name='Chris Garro' set PasswordExpires=true

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