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The following articles are updated and added to on a regular basis, as spyware threats change all of the time. If you have a suggestion for new spyware articles, please create a thread in the feedback section of the spyware forum.

General Spyware Information

What is Spyware

What is Spyware?

Read this essential article to understand the basics of what spyware is, what is can do, and how to begin removing it.

Spyware Removal Instructions

How to Remove Spyware

Learn how to safely remove spyware from your system or check to see if you are already infected. Most computers will have some form of infection at any one time.

Prevent Spyware

Prevent Spyware

It is possible to prevent many spyware infections in the first place with the proper software and precautions. Follow this guide to ensure your PC is safely configured.

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